Maintenance of desktop

Service and Repair

It is noteworthy that many of the problems encountered in the computers or computer systems can be avoided or prevented by performing a periodic maintenance for each of the components. (Minimum every 6 months)

Why perform Preventive Maintenance Computer?

Elements like dust or moisture are too harmful to any electronic component, having resulted in the failure of that component. Some examples:

- Internal connectors (fans, cards, etc..).
- PC monitor.
- Mouse.
- Peripherals.

The software installed on our computer is a fundamental part of this activity, as it can prevent operational failures in our computer. Such activities range from the removal of temporary files until the correction of errors in the data consistency of the hard disk.

Corrective Maintenance of Computers

Fault Correction: Hardware and Software

As the team works day-to-day computing, it is inevitable that this or any component thereof is contaminated with dust particles or moisture, which can be a serious problem because it can greatly affect the performance of the computer .

Does my computer require corrective maintenance?

Below are listed some causes when computer equipment requires a Corrective Maintenance of Computers:

- Processes slower.
- Overheating inside the cabinet.
- Accumulation of dust on electronic components.
- Unexpected Reboot computer equipment.

Unlike preventive maintenance, it is not partially performed, is done at the time that a component of computer equipment has failed. The components usually have failures are:

- Hard Drives.
- Sources of power.
- Motherboard.
- RAM Memory Cards.
- Graphics and Sound.